Wednesday, April 30, 2008

North Carolina Democratic voter registrations: Wow!

The increase in Democratic voter registration across the country during this primary season has been a great side effect of the competitive race. I have looked in depth at North Carolina's registration activity since January, and if the experience there is at all representative of other states, then Congress is going to be turning much bluer and some "red" states will be ripe for Obama to take.

Some highlights, made possible by the timely posting of voter reg stats by the NC State Board of Elections:

+ Between Jan 5, 2008 and April 28, 2008, Democratic registrations have increased by 4.0% and Republican registrations have increased by 0.7%.

+ During the same period, registrations among blacks increased by more than twice the rate of whites (5.4% to 2.3%). Hispanic registrations increased by 15.9%, although the number of registrations are relatively few (7,938 new registrations)

+ Of the 2,616,995 registered NC Democrats, one of every 200 of them registered between April 19 to 26. Stated another way, in the latest one week period, the Democratic party in NC grew by 0.5%.


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