Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cenk Uygur Impersonation of a Pissy Joe Scarborough

Seeing Rachel Maddow put Scarborough in his place was treat enough. Scarborough actually ran away. But then to have Cenk Uygur cover this on his show and impersonate a whiny Joe Scarborough complaining about how hard his life has become since liberals were allowed on MSNBC is icing on the cake.

I particularly loved these Scarborough thought-bubbles:
Anybody who's been in politics knows that you define your opponents if they are Democrats and we don't let you define your opponent if they are a Republican.
Well you don't understand: I'm the only one who used to be on this network and now we have liberals on the network and I don't know how to debate them. And since I don't know how to debate them, I'm going to walk off the air.

Here's the video from The Young Turks with the clip from the MSNBC show and Uygur's commentary:


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