Friday, April 25, 2008

The Obama Organizing Fellows

This is the kind of effort that needs to be done to make real progressive change -- building the grassroots expertise amongst active young people. It's a win for Obama, because this will means lots of people working for his campaign. But it's also a win for progressive causes everywhere, because there will be tons of organizers who have the expertise to make a much bigger impact fighting against corporate interests that are often embraced by even our own party establishment. It's essential that we support this effort.

Here's Barack with the scoop:

The deadline for applying to the program is Monday, May 5th at 12 midnight Eastern Time.

If you're interested, apply.

Other ways to help:

* Invite others to apply.
* Host a fellow.
* Donate to the Fellow program. (This is specifically to the program, not the campaign generally)

And last, but definitely not least:

* Promote the campaign at college campuses. You can do this by putting up fliers [note: PDF files](full page) ,(4 to a page). (These print-ready fliers are on the FAQ page - just go down to the bottom of the page.)

I suspect there's been a lot of people on campuses are talking about it, but it could really help to get the word out there if we can.


Just to close on the importance of this effort - Obama actually did an unpaid organizing training effort last year that paid massive dividends because these people who traveled to Chicago went back home and started up pretty impressive unofficial Obama campaigns in their states. I venture to guess that without the training efforts and Obama's recognition of the importance of grassroots activists, that his campaign would not have been able to get up to full speed in the early states in time to win.

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