Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Exonerating Telcos Covers Up Harman's Own Complicity in Illegal Spying

Jane Harman threw her lot in with Bush a long time ago, being informed of his illegal domestic spying program and doing nothing about it. She would certainly pay a price personally if the extent of the badness perpetrated on Americans became known. That is, to shut down these court cases against the telcos so we don't find out about all of the non-terrorism suspects who Bush has spied on. Namely Bush critics, journalists and even elected officials.

It's pretty simple: if the telcos are protected, then they don't squeal on Bush, and those complicit in this illegal activity - like Jane Harman - don't get taken down with him.

Check out this diary at DailyKos on the subject: Dems Implicated in Illegal Wiretapping Ready to Compromise

...emptywheel over at The Next Hurrah reviews Harman's complicity in this in a great post, and the sums up the problem with Harman very well:
How nice, that the one Democrat who gave approval to this illegal program is the one now negotiating immunity for them. Not a conflict of interest there, not at all.

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