Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jane Harman Speaks Out on Republican Fear Mongering,

But she still is OK with giving them what they want. I saw her on Olbermann tonight and was quite happy to see her say, essentially, that the Republicans were hyping a terrorist threat against the capitol to force through their bad spy bill. She'll say the truth there, but why the heck doesn't that inform her decision when it comes to what to do. She even acknowledged that the administration has been and will continue to break the law to spy if it wants to, so even if there were a gap in intelligence that had to be fixed, it's not like Bush wouldn't just go ahead and break the law to spy as usual.

Either Keith didn't know or was just too polite to ask her - especially given what she just said - why she's leading the charge among Democrats to give retroactive immunity to the telco's for breaking the law and allowing Bush to spy on Americans without any warrants? And why is she so anxious to do away with the requirement to show probable cause for each person that gets spied on and doing "basket" warrants that make it easy to target who you want?

Keith had just minutes before gotten all over the White House for arguing on the one hand that telco's had done nothing wrong while arguing retroactive immunity was needed for them on the other. Do bad he couldn't put that to Harman.

I guess it doesn't fit into the narrative of her speaking out, which actually is useful to defeating the changes that Harman is actually advocating.

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