Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jane Harman - positionless on Iraq Supplemental?

After searching for press releases, articles, or other mentions on the web about where she stands on the $200B Iraqi occupation request that Bush wants, and I still come up empty.

As I mentioned last week, all I got when I called was the phone-answerer reading off a two-sentence response which said she's for timelines.

This is not some obscure issue that only a few constituents care about. Sure, if no one was dying, we weren't spending billions per week, and we weren't harming our national security interests through this policy, I guess there wouldn't be a problem not knowing what she thinks.

But instead we are talking about the #1 issue in this country. We deserve to know where our representatives stand.

Representative Harman, I anxiously await your position on providing more money for this disastrous occupation.



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