Thursday, September 06, 2007

Being too hard on Harman

Perhaps I shouldn't be getting on Harman's case for being silent on Bush's request to fund his endless war -- she could simply be emulating the two frontrunners for the Democratic nomination. Copying what the head of the presidential candidate pack is doing couldn't be a bad thing, right?

Clinton and Obama were totally silent until the last minute of voting on the last supplemental when the bill's outcome was already decided, and they have yet to say a peep to date on Bush's next $200 billion. So Harman is just taking their lead.

...It's only unserious candidates like Edwards or Dodd who stick their necks out with a clear position against blank checks for endless war before voting actually occurs and others haven't decided what to do yet. How silly can you be! Putting pressure on fellow legislators and/or making it easier to take your position by going first -- all that is for losers. No wonder these guys aren't the 'frontrunners'...

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