Monday, July 02, 2007

Congressional Repub's Just Now "Speaking Out" on Iraq: Colbert Hits a Home Run

Tired of hearing people applaud Republicans for vague language about bringing back troops, when these same Republicans opposed Democratic efforts to do things that would actually have caused that to happen?

Then you'll be glad to see this Stephen Colbert piece (via the excellent C&L) on Dick Lugar's recent words about reducing troops in Iraq.

If all it takes to get Democrats excited is a Republican who's going to talk disengagement in Iraq - but who won't vote Yes on Democratic bills that will make that a reality - then they'll continue to get a free ride.

When we hear these sweet-sounding words, the first thing out of our mouths should be, "Where the hell were you when it mattered?", followed up with a reminder of when the next Democratic bill to stop the madness in Iraq will be coming to a vote and an invitation to get on board.



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