Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CA-37 - Do Gay/Lesbian Issues Differentiate Candidates?

On support for the LGBT community, it would appear that there are differences between Laura Richardson and Jenny Oropeza, and it's starting to get noticed:
As far as MadProfessah can discern, Richardson is not a co-sponsor of any of the California LGBT community's major legislative priorities in the State Legislature: Mark Leno's AB 43 (Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act) or Kuehl's SB 777 (Student Civil Rights Act) or John Laird's AB 14 (Civil Rights Act of 2007). A lack of such sponsorship does not mean that she's homophobic, but since most of the Democratic caucus is signed on to all or at least one of these pieces of legislation it is significant that Richardson's name is nowhere to be seen, especially considering she represents a district which is putting on the third largest gay and lesbian pride celebration in the country this weekend.
The diary just quoted was frontpaged enthusiastically at this major LGBT blog by the blogowner herself (as you can see by the introductory note in parentheses), and she called for Richardson to 'clear the air' on where she stands on pending LGBT legislation.

If it turns out that the LGBT community and straight allies supporting equal rights for LGBT folks sense some real differences between the candidates, they could play a big role. Speaking to that point, the lesbian blogowner Pam referenced above is of color herself.



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