Thursday, September 06, 2007

Whither Jane Harman on the Next $200 Billion for Occupation of Iraq?

The key issue for every member in Congress is whether they will provide any money for military operations in Iraq without requiring them to go for safe redeployment out of Iraq. A phone call to Harman earlier this week gave me an answer that she was for timelines on this supplemental $50 Billion, but he didn't know if the same applied to the $150 billion.

So I tried the website. Nothing on Iraq in her press release section. However, she proudly displays photos, one of her standing behind Bush crony Michael Chertoff and another giving a briefing for the Blue Dogs.

I'm sorry, but that group is the reason why the Democratic leadership couldn't get through the current year's supplemental funding bill without dropping withdrawal timelines (one which Harman was going to go along with until the very last minute). Sometimes she breaks from going along with what they do, such as giving up our civil liberties on warrantless surveillance, but nonetheless she's a proud member.



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