Monday, September 10, 2007

"I am someone who supports an ongoing mission in Iraq"

And I think many Democrats in Congress — I’m certainly one of them — don’t want us to leave Iraq. We want to change the mission in Iraq. Change the combat mission to a training mission and a counter-insurgency mission.

That's what Jane Harman had to say in April. There's a videotaped interview at the link, so you can hear her say it herself.

Does Jane Harman still believe that changing the mission will make a difference? Even Republicans are starting to get wise there's nothing good we can accomplish - when will she wake up?

Worried about ethnic cleansing and sectarian warfare? You've already got it. Worried about a massive refugee crisis? You've already got one.

How can we clean up the place, as Jane Harman so badly wants to keep us there to do, when every day we make things worse?

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