Friday, October 12, 2007

Jane Harman's Talking Crazy on FISA "Fix"

I'm sorry for the title, but I just don't know any other way to describe Jane Harman writing writing this about the FISA "fix" legislation:
The RESTORE Act is a good bill, but there are legitimate questions about how to deal with private sector partners. My hope is to reach a consensus in the House and for the House to lead the congressional effort to fashion veto-proof legislation restoring crucial checks and balances.
Jane's bipartisan-fetish has completely taken her senses, to the detriment of our Constitutional rights. The Democrats only have a fighting chance of getting a bill passed that restores checks and balances and our 4th amendment rights just dealing with our own caucus. To burden the legislation with a veto-proof majority means a boatload of Republicans would need to be on board. And, sad to say, but that 100% guarantees that the bill will not restore any checks, any balances, or restore the Constitutional rights that were taken from us in August. I know this would pain Jane Harman to hear, but if she wants to protect civil rights, she has to keep the bill as far as possible away from Republicans.

And what's with this automatic acceptance of a veto-proof majority as the requirement to pass a bill? Is that all Bush has to do is threaten a veto to get Harman to institute a two-thirds super-majority requirement for a bill? The self-censoring, auto-capitulating response to Bush is pathetic, and anti-democratic. The legislature is not supposed to take direction from the executive.

The reality is her position on the bill already puts her very close to the Republican position in any case: she's anxious to have retroactive immunity for lawbreaking telcos and umbrella warrants, so getting a super-majority to approve her dream bill could be possible actually. It's just that bill would give a free pass to the lawbreaking done illegally at the behest of the government and vastly expand the government's ability to spy on us with a warrant specific to us.

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