Monday, March 19, 2007

More Evidence Iraq is FUBAR; Will Harman Acknowledge It?

Just check out via this new ABC News poll of Iraqis how Iraqis' views of things have gotten more hopeless, and how they blame the US (or George Bush personally) a lot more than they blame Al Qaeda or foreign fighters.

More than half of Iraqi's polled called it "acceptable" to attack US or coalition forces --- 3 times whan it was in early 2004.

Iraqis increasingly see us as ineffectual occupiers making conditions worse - and they don't mind if we get attacked.

It sure is nice for Jane Harman to say (yet again, just last month) that we have an obligation to leave Iraq better than we found it.

But will Jane Harman ever say how she would do that? If such a thing were possible, it undoubtedly would require more troops (which also means more deaths), more money and more time than the American people would ever agree to commit.

Jane Harman spends a lot of her time on foreign policy, and I imagine like to see herself as taking it very seriously. That's why I find it very curious that she can be so unserious in declaring the U.S. has an obligation to make Iraq better again without ever acknowledging the enormous commitment she'd be signing America up to in order to attempt such an endeavor.


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