Thursday, February 08, 2007

Harman interview re: Iraq and Iran

Jane Harman spoke a week ago with Ed Schultz and was asked a bunch of Iraq/Iran questions. Take a listen here.

First, you've got Harman saying she supports redeployment out of Iraq, but then a minute later she's saying that the US has an obligation to leave Iraq better than when we found it.

That last part is pretty darned alarming. Jane, Iraq is FUBAR, period. You may feel an itch to redeem yourself for your part in launching this war and for supporting it for so long, but the opportunity to "fix" Iraq has passed.

Put another way, 1) Iraq is Humpty Dumpty; 2) Bush dropped it to the ground (and stepped on it a few times), and; 3) even if Iraq could be put together again, Bush is guaranteed to not be the person who would be able to do it.

If I take Jane Harman at her word concerning what the country is morally obligated to do, then it's clear that she intends for us to be in Iraq for many, many years to come.


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