Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's Not Just Bush - Most Republicans in Fantasy World

It's old news that Bush is delusional about the situation in Iraq, with it always making progress. But it sure is incredible how most Republicans live in Bush's fantasy world, even after four years of this war.

Today's LA Times has results from a nationwide poll on Iraq that show Republicans just not grasping the reality:

* 72% of them approve (46% strongly approve) of the way Bush is handling the situation in Iraq

* 64% say U.S. troops should stay in Iraq "as long as it takes" instead of leaving

* 73% approve of the escalation

Needless to say the Democrats have quite the opposite view. And Independents on most questions are close to where Democrats are. The fact that two-thirds to three-quarters of Republicans can't see past partisanship for the good of the nation is a damn shame.

With their support, Bush can continue on. Bush deserves blame, but the fact is most Republicans do too for blindly supporting him.


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