Friday, January 12, 2007

On De-Funding, and Stopping Bush's Budget Tricks

I called Harman's DC office yesterday morning and asked two questions:

1. During her interview with Andrea Mitchell, Rep. Harman said there were constitutional issues about Bush being the Commander in Chief -- and seemed to imply that Congress couldn't set limits on sending additional troops. Was she aware of the numerous precedents of this very thing being done by Congress in the past? And, given that Congress - per these precedents - has the authority to disallow funds from a troop escalation, does she support the Markey bill (which matches the Kennedy bill in the House)?

2. Rep. Harman has argued that war costs should be put back on-budget, and made a pretty darn good case, IMO. She predicts in her article at Huff. Post that Bush's forthcoming off-budget 'emergency supplemental' will be the last one. Does that mean that she'll vote for it even though she thinks this is wrong to do?

I was told I would have someone call me back to give me an answer. Haven't gotten any response yet.


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