Friday, January 12, 2007

Jane Harman Still Identifies with the War

She says she made a mistake in supporting the war, but her take on Iraq seems to indicate that she's still identifying with too much to see it for the situation FUBAR it is. From her latest at Huffington Post...

She still groups herself (and perhaps all Americans) with the Administration on Iraq:

We've attempted surges in Iraq four times in the last two years.

We have a moral obligation to make Iraq a safer place - we created a failed state when we removed Saddam - but we will not achieve that by the use of our military

Then, we learn from Harman that all this time, we haven't been occupying Iraq - that's just an inaccurate 'perception':
In fact, I believe that by continuing to occupy Iraq (and that's the perception even though it has a democratically elected government) we make it harder for Iraqis to take responsibility for their own country...

She can't bring herself to see us as occupiers because she hasn't come to terms with her support of those actions.

And, while we have strong words from her...
There is no way to achieve success in Iraq using military force.

We've attempted surges in Iraq four times in the last two years. None of them worked.

Last summer was the last chance for the military mission to succeed. It didn't.

...she isn't ready to do things that will end this war. She boasts of supporting a toothless resolution expressing disapproval of the President's policy, but is merely uncertain about using Congress’ clear authority to prevent funding of an escalation. I’m not holding my breath that she’ll be deciding on that anytime soon.

And most distressing is that after all this time, Harman's still comfortable with having Bush and Co. being the ones to implement what should be done in Iraq, and believes that we can still actually make much of a difference with our presence there.

I'd love for Harman to prove me wrong by, for example, becoming a co-sponsor of H.R. 353, the Markey-Kennedy bill. That bill would prevent the President from spending another taxpayer dollar to increase troop levels in Iraq without the consent of Congress.

We shall see..


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