Sunday, January 14, 2007

Finding Info About & Coverage of Jane Harman

I don't think it's a stretch to say that if you want to be informed about how Jane Harman is representing you in Congress, that you need to actively seek this information out.

You are not going to hear about what Jane is saying, how she's voting, what others are reporting about her, etc. just by reading the LA Times and listening to the news on the radio. That's sad, but not too surprising.

But you also won't get informed by reading Jane Harman's website either. In this day and age, that should be the ultimate resource for consituents - but it's been an afterthought for Harman, as far as I can tell.

If you go to her press section on her website to see her latest editorials and her latest speeches, you'll see how big the gaps are. Now that they're doing some updating, it's even worse, because you get the idea it's comprehensive, when it's not.

Another thing you can't tell from her website is an easy way to see how she's voting in comparison to the Democratic caucus and/or Dem leadership.

I've put in the blogroll section on the right links for Daily Kos, MyDD, and Calitics that are set to bring you posts from those respective sites that have a "Jane Harman" tag. (Take a look over to the right and you'll find them). Certainly, it won't pick up all blog posts on those sites that relate to Jane Harman, but I would think it fair to say that posts on those sites that directly relate to her would be tagged under her name. I have done the same thing for the tag "CA-36" on those sites, so it'll pick up items relevant to the district, if not directly Jane Harman.

Jane Harman has also been posting a lot on Huffington Post, so I've set up a link to give all posts that she's put up over there.

Concerning how Harman has voted, and how her votes line up with the Democratic position, you can see the Washington Post's tracking sheet here. (So far, her record is perfect - but then again, isn't every Democrat in the House so far? Damn, I love being able to say that!)

These search links can be a very handy research tool and they'll always be there for your use. I kept up to date on the Lieberman/Lamont race by using the search links set up at LamontBlog.


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