Thursday, February 01, 2007

Piping Up Again About Iran Misinformation

They're selling us another war using the same script of lies and deceit as for Iraq.

In April of last year Jane Harman spoke out about Bush deceptions on Iraq.
Leading Democrat warns of “disinformation”

Not all Democrats are silent on Iran. Perhaps the most outspoken and most cogent voice is Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. Speaking specifically about Iran to the Council on Foreign Relations in early April, Harman portrayed US intelligence on Iran as a potential minefield. (Harman's full remarks, along with that of former Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin, are available here.)

“I think that some of the intelligence I see -- and I did ask to see the intelligence case on Iran -- is not close to where it needs to be,” Harman said. “I'm not going to reveal the classified information, but I did have a reaction in the briefing I got that some of this might be disinformation, not information. And I know we are passing around our intelligence case, the administration is, to the [International Atomic Energy Agency] and some of our allies.”
Harman’s discussion of Iran suggests she believes the Bush Administration may be putting forth questionable intelligence.

“All I'm saying is I remain skeptical,” she told an intelligence panel. “Lots of unanswered questions and conjecture that I have is that if I were Iran and I wanted to put out disinformation, it might look a lot like what our government is claiming is information.... I want to be absolutely sure that we base decisions, especially tough decisions like what are the next steps with Iran -- and I surely hope they are diplomatic because I think those are our best options -- on pristine and pure intelligence, or the closest we can get to that.”

“I have no question that Iran is a dangerous place, so don't let me tell you that there's any doubt in my mind,” Harman added. “The issue is how capable are they, and what are the real intentions of Iran's leaders? And I think the jury's out on both of those.”
This of pushback is urgently needed to add some sanity. My google searches come up with nothing in recent time with Rep. Harman speaking on this issue.

I hope we don't have to wait much longer to hear from her. Strong words like these to dispel the bogus claims would be most welcome.

[NOTE: I corrected the title of the post to Iran instead of Iraq. ..One later correction - I had referred to Jane Harman in the second paragraph as "you", but deciding against addressing the post directly to her. I've corrected it by inserting her name.]


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