Saturday, March 17, 2007

AIPAC is not Democrats' Ally

This guy's take on AIPAC and their embrace of the extreme Christian Right is interesting. Worth reading the whole thing.

Harman gets a mention:
But when will Democrats finally recognize that AIPAC is NOT their friend. When will people like Nita Lowey, Jane Harman and others realize that AIPAC does them no favors when its former national director endorses a multi-million dollar election ad campaign attacking Democrats for being "soft" on Israel. Barack Obama is beginning to see this. Hillary will never see it. We need Democrats who can be pro-Israel (and pro-Palestinian) without being slaves of AIPAC.


Blogger Richard said...

Thanks for linking to my post about AIPAC's turning away from the Democratic party.

I was also critical of Harman's use of Haim Saban & AIPAC to drum up support for her bid to be chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

4:55 PM  
Blogger PeterB said...

You're welcome.

Re: AIPAC and Harman's bid to intel chair, I never heard of any outcome from the investigations. Was there ever anything from Justice or FBI on this?

11:55 PM  

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