Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blue Dogs Trying to Thwarting Dems and Will of US People on Iraq

Jane Harman is a proud member of this organization. It emphasizes its middle-ground proposals and likes to boasts that it "injects a moderate viewpoint into the Democratic caucus".

Outside of DC, you'd expect that "moderate", or "middle-ground" would mean what the majority of the American people want, not partisans at the extreme. Within the beltway, what the public wants doesn't need to figure in.

Perfect example: Iraq. As pointed out by Chris Bowers at, the polls actually show a clear majority supporting the Murtha plan -- 58% to 39% -- yet the Blue Dogs, who claim to represent the "middle", initiated a revolt that forced Dems to water that plan down.

Ain't that just dandy! And particularly for us Jane Harman constituents, since Jane doesn't associate herself as loud and proud Blue Dog out of necessity but rather out of pure choice.


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