Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PCCC Poll of CA-36 - Supporters of Social Security and Medicare

Here's the poll that PCCC did which showed that a lot more people would prefer to tackle the deficit by reducing military spending that cutting Social Security or Medicare.

The PCCC's statement:


“This race is neck-and-neck among the top two contenders, Deb Bowen and Janice Hahn. Voters in this district overwhelmingly want a bold progressive candidate who is willing to crack down on Wall Street, embrace government investment in jobs, fight hard for Social Security and Medicare, and make government accountable to the people instead of the big corporations. The PCCC will continue our due diligence in this district in order to assess the most progressive, competent, and viable candidate.” -- Adam Green, PCCC co-founder

What is really important is that the PCCC did this poll now, before the candidates have staked out their positions. It's pretty well known among those outside of the beltway that people don't want to cut Social Security, but now the candidates in the 36th District have no excuse -- the district's voters have been polled and to the extent that they want to "tackle" the deficit, it's by cutting defense spending.

This sends the message to the candidates that it's good policy and good politics to be a solid supporter of Social Security and Medicare too. Money very well spent.

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