Friday, January 15, 2010

Henry Waxman Pokes All Progressives In Eye With Condemnation of Wingrad and Support for Harman

Waxman's attack on Winograd about Israel is outrageous.

And his plea in this letter for giving "maximum support" to Harman and noting that he's giving the max through his federal campaign and PAC is just so offensive - she doesn't need the money, and, presuming we're living in a world where progressive Waxman supporters don't have unlimited funds to contribute to campaigns, he's asking them to divert the available money they would have otherwise given to the progressive causes and candidates they support it in order to donate it to civil-liberies destroying, war-supporting, estate-tax (aka "brat tax")-destroying Blue Dog Jane Harman.

It's sad to see blind support for likudnik policy in Israel and incumbency protection trumping progressive policy from somebody who people put forward as a progressive champion.

No one says Waxman has to put his neck on the line for Marcy, or even a well-funded/more established progressive in the district who would be a more formidable match for Harman, but he should just not get involved in races that are between Democrats.

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