Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jane Harman - Civil Liberties Defender Extraordinaire

She is if you let her tell it.

In reality, not so much. Glenn Greenwald, in response to Harman's righteous indignation at being caught on a wire tap, observes:
So if I understand this correctly -- and I'm pretty sure I do -- when the U.S. Government eavesdropped for years on American citizens with no warrants and in violation of the law, that was "both legal and necessary" as well as "essential to U.S. national security," and it was the "despicable" whistle-blowers (such as Thomas Tamm) who disclosed that crime and the newspapers which reported it who should have been criminally investigated, but not the lawbreaking government officials. But when the U.S. Government legally and with warrants eavesdrops on Jane Harman, that is an outrageous invasion of privacy and a violent assault on her rights as an American citizen, and full-scale investigations must be commenced immediately to get to the bottom of this abuse of power. Behold Jane Harman's overnight transformation from Very Serious Champion of the Lawless Surveillance State to shrill civil liberties extremist.
Supporting links documenting her statements are available in the original. I'm sure Jane would love to make everyone forget what she's done, but unfortunately this is not going to go down the memory hole.


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