Friday, December 19, 2008

Harman Recommended for CIA Director - by a Republican

Who would have guessed it? On national security/foreign policy/war, there are so many similarities between her and Republican neocons, this isn't very much of a surprise:
Days after he became the first Republican House Member to announce his exit in 2010, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee revealed to HUMAN EVENTS that he had his own choice to be CIA director: Democratic Rep. Jane Harman of California.

Despite obvious differences on issues, Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R.-Mi) told us, “Jane is excellent on intelligence issues and you’ll recall that she was removed from the Intelligence Committee because she refused to dance to Nancy Pelosi’s tune.” Hoekstra added that he made the recommendation of Harman in a telephone call to incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

Harman (lifetime American Conservative Union rating: 28%) has compiled a liberal record after seven terms in the House. But when it comes to national security, she has said “I live and breathe security 24-7.” The Californian supported giving authority to the national intelligence director and unifying intelligence resources. She also has been a consistent supporter of the U.S. action in Iraq.
The Republicans can tolerate her liberal record on non-defense matters because they get one of their own on defense/national security matters. Remember Harman was ahead of even Republican legislators in calling for eviscerating 4th amendment protections that Americans used to enjoy under the Constitution.

Obama would be very smart not to let her near intelligence/national security matters if he values American's constitutional rights and if he actually wants to hold the Bush administration lawbreakers accountable for their violations. She's too complicit.


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