Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Props to Congresswoman Harman

Good behavior should be rewarded, and this Blue Dog did the right thing and donated $50,000 of her campaign warchest (over $300K as of 9/30) for Democratic challengers in the House.

It didn't quite reach the 30% amount that was requested as part of Matt Stoller's Use It or Lose It campaign, but it sure beats nothing. I was halfway through writing a message wondering if she was turning her back on Dem's because nobody was calling me back and there was nothing on her campaign website.

It would have been helpful for her to put out a statement (shouldn't you tell the world when you do something good like this?), as it would have helped encourage (shame) other ultra-safe Democratic incumbents to donate as well. It also would have saved them from fielding lots of calls and emails of frustration from not hearing back as to whether she was going to share some of her warchest.

On this day, she deserves lots of kudos for sticking up for the party and helping provide funds to the large number of Dem challengers who have good chance of winning


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