Friday, May 11, 2007

Telephone Poll on Richardson v. McDonald

Jockeying to determine the black candidate would appear to have just got more complicated. The organization called the African American Voter Registration and Education Project, chaired by Mark Ridley-Thomas, did a telephone survey which they released that shows likely voters favor Valerie McDonald to Laura Richardson. Sounds like Ridley-Thomas is throwing his weight around for McDonald, and I'm guessing there's a fair share of spin on these results and probably on the survey itself meant to make McDonald look best. (For example, McDonald's advantage over Richardson, 17% to 13%, is probably within the margin of error, so you can't read into that too much).

No matter though, McDonald clearly has some powerful folks lining up behind her to counter all the endorsements Richardson already has (Black Caucus for the CA legislature, Dymally, Isadore Hall, Willie Brown). I suspect that each camp has enough claim to be the best candidate that it'll be difficult for this to get sorted out quickly.



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